Pastor Jim Billings

Pastor Jim Billings resides in Gilroy, California with his wife, Lynette. They have been married for 37 years and raised their four children, Sarah (35 years), Vance (32 years), Calvin (29 years), and June (26 years). They now enjoy being close to their three wonderful grandchildren, Jake (9), Claire (6), and Olivia (4). Jim and Lynette were Saved by God’s Grace in 1984 under the preaching ministry of Dr. William R. Downing. They joined his church in January 1985 and were married on March 30, 1985. Jim and Lynette raised their family under the pastoral care of Pastor Downing and continued under his ministry until his retirement in December 2021.
Jim earned his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in May 2002, from Louisiana Baptist University. In May 2007 he earned his Master of Divinity from the same institution. Jim began to fill the pulpit in his Pastor’s absence beginning in June 1995 and continued assisting whenever needed through 2021 (27 years). In 1996–2003 he ministered at least once a month in Marysville, CA. He also ministered twice a month at two local missions for seventeen years. Additionally, Jim, along with his wife Lynette, started a ministry at the local convalescent hospital in Morgan Hill, CA and held services every other week for over ten years. On December 26, 2021, Jim became the Co–Pastor alongside his associate, Stephen Louis.

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